Thursday, April 2

Cake Decorating 101: The Tools Baking Pros Use

We have all been to those parties where the hostess whips out a perfectly sculpted hibiscus flower in brilliant pink made entirely of sponge and sugar as if she just whisked it up 20 minutes before the guests arrived. It looks too good to eat… Actually, is it even a cake or is it possibly actually a giant hibiscus flower pretending to be a cake? You leave the party with envy and toting a handmade favours box that perfectly matches and compliments the slice of flawless and (completely edible) cake held within. If you’re an aspiring baker, you too can achieve this kind of baking perfection with the right cake decoration supplies Melbourne stores sell today.

Cake decorating is for the really talented, right? All of that sugar sculpting and slaving is reserved only for the seriously practised and endlessly creative? Wrong. Anyone can become a cake decorating extraordinaire using cake decoration supplies Melbourne has today – it really is THAT easy. All you need are a few tools, a bit of know-how, some tricks of the trade and a mixing bowl full of confidence!

The Cake Decorating Tools of the Pros

Don’t kid yourself for a second that those Stepford Wife cake decorators and other cake decoration supplies Melbourne baking supplies sell mould those little sugar plum fairies with their bare hands. No way – those ladies call in the heavy-duty cake decorating artillery. Here’s a list for you so that you can stock up on your own:

  • Frosting spatula
  • Toothpicks
  • Icing bags, and ties and even an icing bag holder will do nicely
  • Icing tips

Here are some steps to creating your perfect cake decorations from sugar icing!

Step 1

Mix up your sugar icing according to the recipe in a strict manner – close enough is not good enough here. You may need gum paste or other pliable substances – you can even buy sugar icing mixture pre-made in the store. A great idea!

Step 2

Choose the icing bag tip in the shape you need. Use each tip depending on what you’re trying to create:

– Round tip for writing

– Star tip for zigzags, shells, rosettes and stars of course

– Petal tip for flowers and bows

– Basketweave tip for gorgeous outlines

Step 3

On greaseproof paper or foil, shape the decorations using your pre-prepared icing mixture and the correct icing bag tip to suit your shape requirements. Patience is a virtue here. The tips really do make your job easy – choose the tip that corresponds to the shape you’re trying to create. With a bit of practice and with using the right cake decoration supplies in Melbourne stores you cannot go wrong!

Step 4

Once the sugar icing decorations dry, paint or dot any extra details you need on with small brushes or toothpicks – this may be simply some toothpick- sized black dots inside flower petals to depict seeds. Be sure to use quality Melbourne cake decoration supplies.

Tackle the Cake

While your delicate decorations (all edible and made of sugar!) are drying, apply your overall icing spread to the cake. You may choose to use any number of coverings including:

Butter Cream Icing – easily made at home or bought at the store in a tin. Easily wiped onto the cooled cake with a regular spatula.

Fondant – also available for purchase in a pre-made form – this is often also referred to as rolled icing or fondant icing. Fondant is malleable and made of gelatin and glycerine. Fondant can be bought or coloured to suit your cake decorating theme. The fondant needs to be rolled out and covered onto the cake like a pie-crust. Trim the excess fondant from the edges so that the cake looks neatly covered with no lumps or bumps.

The Moment of Truth

Arrange your lovingly designed decorations onto your icing or fondant covered cake.

If the icing is made of buttercream, the decorations should stick nicely. If the cake is covered in fondant you will need to slightly wet the patch of fondant with cold water wherever you want to apply a decoration. Stick the decoration firmly in place and leave to dry – the ingredients in the fondant can be re-wet and decorations can be re-stuck if need be.

Voila! With a little bit of practice and lots of fun, you, your family and your taste buds will enjoy the cake decorating the learning process. Be that enviable party host at your next gathering and go all out with some cake decorating genius! For more information on the cheap cake decoration supplies Melbourne stores sell, you can check websites like